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About Us

Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about My Health Montreal! This ever growing network of health practitioners was created with the intention of helping Montrealer's to have a one stop resource for all things health in Montreal.


Laura, who's the founder of this awesome resource, came up with the idea for My Health Montreal from her own experiences working in the health industry. She quickly came to realize that although there are a ton of alternative health businesses and practitioners in Montreal, most simply don't know how to market themselves.


From this issue came a couple of questions:

  1.  How could she help these businesses to get the visibility that they deserved?

  2. How could she get the consumers who really needed alternative health resources to connect with these businesses?

The answer didn't come right away. In fact, it took a couple of years before one day the answer seemed to magically pop into her head. She knew that if she created a network of all the amazing alternative health resources in Montreal she'd be able to help both the businesses and consumers to get exactly what they were looking for. 


Before she knew it, My Health Montreal was born! 

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