Global Glow: with Julie Katerine Turcotte

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Say hello to Julie Katerine Turcotte! She's a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Holistic Nutritionist, a Wellness Entrepreneur, a Lifestyle Curator, the proud mom of three, and the Founder & CEO of Global Glow: your complete guide to reaching a state of optimal health & well-being.

With an intro like that, it's hard not to pay attention to and gain a sense of intrigue about Julie and her amazing company Global Glow. So let's get to know a little bit more about them!

An in-depth look at Global Glow

Global Glow is a modern lifestyle platform with a curated shop, that delivers a bespoke health & wellness experience to every one of its clients. Julie offers a fresh, inspiring, and empowering new way of health coaching that balances educating her clients to have a deeper understanding of the foods that they consume along with the lifestyle choices that work best for them. Through personalized health coaching appointments, Julie helps her clients to get to the root cause of their issues. Only then, does she recommend the ideal actions to take, foods to eat, and products to consider for their unique bio-individuality.

Julie's own health journey was the driving force behind the creation of Global Glow. As the proud Founder & CEO, she not only provides health coaching services but also offers the highest quality health, wellness, and beauty products which are available for purchase in her curated shop.

From all-natural herbal supplements to cruelty-free & luxury skincare, the Global Glow shop is filled with all of her must-have products to get your wellness journey started, receive targeted support & maintain optimal health.

On you can: READ an endless supply of educational Blogs – WATCH their IGTV videos – EAT deliciously with their nutritious recipes – and SHOP some of the best supplements, wellness & clean beauty products on the market!

Julie's Journey Back to Health

At the age of 31, following the birth of her second child, she was diagnosed with early-onset rheumatoid arthritis.

She had lived a life of relatively impeccable health up until then, experiencing no real issues, so this diagnosis was extremely unexpected to say the least. After the initial shock, her doctors prescribed an intensely rigorous weekly regimen of meds.

The concern of having to spend the rest of her life being heavily medicated to manage this disease, along with the long list of side effects that came with it, left her feeling overwhelmed with fear and worry. However, it also sparked the beginning of a new reality for her, and so her wellness journey began right then and there.

She immediately set about a new way of life that would forever change her wellness journey. By altering her mindset and lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise, stress, and toxic surroundings, she was able to free herself from the disease and now she can proudly say that she's been medication-free since 2011 and has never felt better!

This journey has helped her to gain immense knowledge with respect to autoimmune diseases as well as how to naturally relieve her body from pain.

Yet, keeping all this to herself didn’t feel right so she decided to share her story. The reason why Julie decided to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach was so that she could support and guide her clients with their own health goals and struggles by helping them implement a more balanced and integrated lifestyle.

The Global Glow Journey

Upon overcoming her autoimmune disease, she felt compelled to help heal others. She completed her studies to become a Health Coach and a Holistic Nutritionist so she could help health-conscious people in reaching real, lasting results according to their bio-individuality.

While doing so, she started creating content for what would be her dream platform She's extremely passionate about empowering her clients and community in committing to and investing in their health and therefore, she feels very proud to have created Global Glow.

Four years ago, she launched her website Julie and her team have since then been extremely dedicated to creating valuable content, from educational blogs, to inspiring weekly newsletters to keep their community well informed. Julie's now proud to offer the best health, wellness & beauty products to her clients so they can implement health-promoting steps in their daily routines in order to live a healthier & happier life! Their e-shop is continuously expanding, offering the highest quality, effective and unique products.

Today, Global Glow has become a revered platform client’s turn to for expert content on topics from nutrition & recipes, gut health, wellness, beauty, clean skincare, and much more. From learning to lead a more health-conscious & sustainable lifestyle, to harnessing the power of all-natural, science-packed supplements - Global Glow is here to support your goals.

Julie's Credentials and Educational Background

Julie graduated from Université de Montréal with an undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Communications, alongside a Marketing degree from HEC Hautes Études Commerciales.

During her studies, she did some modeling, which is something she still enjoys doing from time to time! She then gained experience in the marketing world working in the Fashion & Beauty Industries. Shortly thereafter, she started her very own business in interior design.

It was only once she was faced with managing the effects of early-onset Rheumatoid Arthritis that she pursued studies in health and nutrition. This quickly became her life’s mission as she was deeply motivated to live her life med-free while supporting and guiding health-conscious people to achieve their own health and wellness goals.

She obtained her degree as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she learned innovative Health Coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and familiarized herself with many dietary theories, such as Ayurveda, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and alkaline to name a few.

She was fortunate enough to study alongside some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. Shortly after, she completed another certification in Gut Health and more recently she became a Nutritious Life Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach.

Her education has enabled her to acquire knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. Drawing on her expertise, she works closely with her clients, helping them achieve their personal lifestyle goals. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, her clients are able to choose health-promoting ways that produce real and long-lasting results. Her training and professional approach will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you, thereby improving your energy levels, life balance, and ultimate happiness.

What services does Julie offer?

She provides one on one health coaching services, depending on her client’s specific needs, packages are also available as well as personalized nutrition guides.

She offers top-of-the-line health, wellness, and beauty products from her favorite brands.

She trusts every single brand that she carries and she uses them for herself and for her family, plus each brand is women-run & women-owned!

She also offers a FREE 10 minute health consultation with one of Global Glow's expert team members that can help you to find your supplement & skincare match, get all your questions answered & get a preview of the GG world!

As Seen In

Julie has had the incredible opportunity to go Live on Instagram and chat with leading health specialists, wellness warriors & icons, and world-renowned experts on topics ranging from inflammation, gut health, nutrition, beauty, skincare, hormonal imbalances to how to transform your health & wellness journey!

From the icon Elle Macpherson, to Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Alejandro Junger, Dr. Simone Laubscher, and Dr. Nigma Talib, to name a few, she's been fortunate to connect with and learn from the best. Stay tuned for more lives to come…

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