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Montreal Spiritual Life Coach: Lindalee Stocker

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Lindalee Stocker is a Montreal based spiritual life coach that specializes in helping others to heal from past pain.

She has deeply intertwined her knowledge of both the practical and spiritual sides that are involved in creating new healthier ways of being and living.

If you’ve been trying to find a life coach that actually practices all that they teach, Lindalee Stocker is the perfect fit for you.

Lindalee Stocker’s Specialties

Her coaching packages incorporate teachings from Dr. Raymond Holliwell, Dr. Napoleon Hill as well as Earl Nightengale. The combined knowledge that each of these practitioners have instilled into Lindalee has given her the tools that she needs to be the best spiritual life coach possible.

The three courses that she offers will help you to tap into five senses that are often overlooked. These include perception, intuition, imagination, reason, and will. When we spoke to Lindalee she helped us to have a better understanding of each of these 5 senses. She explained them to us as the following:

Perception is linked to our belief system. It’s how we see the world around us and all that's in it. Intuition is that small yet powerful voice within us that lets us know what’s right or wrong for us. It also helps to keep us safe.

Imagination is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to create and manifest our deepest desires. Reason, is the ability to think clearly and logically. Our will is deeply connected to the divine. Lindalee explained that when you align yourself with the divine, you remove the fear that you’ve been conditioned to believe.

In working with her, you’ll learn about each of these senses in further detail and you’ll also learn how to use them to your benefit. Lindalee explained to us that in western society we’re taught to shut these senses off. From a very young age, we’re told to color within the lines, to intake information and simply regurgitate it with no changes, we’re told to listen to those in power without question, and so much more.

This is a highly flawed way of teaching because it teaches us not to trust ourselves, that creativity and imagination must remain within a box, and that everyone with a higher power status than us has control over our destiny.

Lindalee wants you to know that you have the power to change your life. She doesn’t claim to have the ability to heal you, because she knows that the only person that can actually heal you, is yourself. From her own life experiences though, she’s learned that everyone needs a guide to help them along their healing process.

Her three programs include:


This program will help you to go from being a victim into a victor. It will also help you to learn how to clear emotional blockages, turn your thoughts into action, forgive yourself, and so much more.


This program will help you to recognize your true value even when others don’t. You’ll learn how to become more confident, how to set healthy boundaries for yourself, how to find your purpose, and so much more.

WORKING WITH THE LAW: 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living

The 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living was created by none other than Dr. Raymond Holliwell. He’s known as one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. Lindalee has combined her life experiences with Holliwell’s teachings in order to help you to transform every area of your life.

The 11 Laws that she will teach you include:

  • The Law of Thinking

  • The Law of Supply

  • The Law of Attraction

  • The Law of Receiving

  • The Law of Increase

  • The Law of Compensation

  • The Law of Non-Resistance

  • The Law of Forgiveness

  • The Law of Sacrifice

  • The Law of Obedience

  • The Law of Success

Each of Lindalee’s programs lasts for a total of three months, but they can also be extended if needed. She also offers a free first session for those who would like to get to know her better.

If you’d like to know more about Linda Lee’s programs simply head to

You can also reach her through Facebook or by email at

Lindalee's Credentials

Now that we’ve taken a look at her programs, let’s talk credentials. Lindalee Stocker started her professional career as a geriatric nurse. Ten years and a new family later, she transitioned into the business world. She sold a wide variety of products on behalf of other companies, she worked in the stock market, and she ran her own retail business too. She’s had many titles over the years but her favorite one will always be mom.

Even though she had her dream home, a luxury car, the opportunity to travel to exotic places on a regular basis, and a million in the bank, when she looked in the mirror she could no longer recognize the woman that she’d become. She felt incredibly unfulfilled, but time after time she continued to silence her inner voice in pursuit of the next big deal.

In 2010, the universe brought her world to a sudden stop. Her little brother, who was also one of her best friends, passed away very suddenly. She felt as if her heart had been ripped out of her chest. Physically she was alive, but on the inside, it felt as if she had died too. She had no choice but to go inward.

It’s been said by so many that going on a spiritual journey is all about light and joy. Lindalee can tell you first hand that that isn’t always the case. Yes, there are moments of joy, but to get to it you have to work through a lot of other emotions along the way.

Like so many other people in this world, she was afraid to face the demons of her past. But she knew that she would have to face them if she wanted to heal. In speaking with Lindalee, we learned that she’s incredibly compassionate, intelligent, resilient, and so much more.

From the time she was very young, she experienced the polar opposite of love. She was mentally, physically, and sexually abused. She was taught to believe that she was unworthy of love, that she was ugly, and that she would never amount to anything.

Time after time she exposed herself to people and relationships that affirmed this to her. She self-sabotaged and did things in order to keep this belief that she had so deeply ingrained into her subconscious mind alive. Over and over again, she found herself asking: Why are none of my relationships working? Is it everyone else? Or is it me?

On her inward journey, she came to realize that we don’t attract what we want, we attract what and or who we are. If we hold unhealed pain and or trauma within us, we will attract people into our lives that will add fuel to the fire. If we take the time needed to heal the pain and trauma we’ve been through though, we will attract those that will help us to heal further. We cannot find love until we learn how to love ourselves.

Lindalee used to think of herself as a victim of rape and abuse, but now, she thinks of herself as a survivor. If that isn’t a powerful transformation, we don’t know what is.

Throughout her journey, she’s had guides to help her make it through. No matter how big or small a role they played, each one was equally as important. That’s why she knows that even though we’re the only ones that can heal ourselves, everyone needs to have at least one person to show them the way.

Her Mission

Like many health practitioners, Lindalee’s journey into health started with the need to heal herself. From the lessons she learned on her own journey, she came to realize that her true calling had always been helping others. Her mission is to help you to heal from the pain of your past and to unlock the parts of yourself that you’ve long forgotten. She wants you to know that you’re not alone in what you’ve been through and that from this moment forward you no longer have to suffer in silence.

She wants you to know that not only do you deserve love, but that you are love.

What makes her different?

Lindalee isn’t like every other life coach out there. Not only does she help you to recognize and guide you through the process of changing your habits, she also helps you to get to the root of what’s causing them so that you can finally heal. Although taking the time to work with any type of coach is a step in the right direction, in order to move forward we often need to take the time to look back. Lindalee will help to show you how to do this in a safe and healthy way.

Her most recent success story

In our interview, Lindalee spoke to us about one of her latest clients. She’s a woman in her 50’s that hadn’t been able to leave her own home in over 7 years. With time, patience, love, and a whole lot of understanding, Lindalee was recently able to help her client go for a simple walk outside. Although this may seem like a small victory for most people, it was a huge victory for the woman that she helped.

What else should you know?

Although Lindalee combines spiritual teachings with psychology, it’s important to know that she isn’t a psychologist. She doesn’t diagnose, treat, or prescribe any medications for specific health ailments. She is a spiritual guide, facilitator, and life coach that can help you to heal from your past pain so that you can finally be the version of yourself that you’ve always dreamed of being.

Get in contact with her

We’re big fans of Lindalee Stocker and if you’d like to know more about her and all that she does simply head to

You can also reach her through Facebook or by email at

If you have any questions about any of the information in this article please feel free to contact us at

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