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Pilates Studios in Montreal | J.K. Pilates

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Written by Laura Lee Peters

J.K Pilates

Pilates Studios in Montreal and pilates, in general, have long been deemed a space and or a form of exercise that's predominantly for women.

At J.K. Pilates though, they've created an environment where men can now enjoy pilates too, but without the fear of being judged.

Having been featured in the paper in their first opening weeks, this Pilates studio has been working hard to change the stigmatism that Pilates is a women-only form of excise since day one.

At J.K. Pilates they know that Pilates has the ability to help almost anyone to get in shape, gain flexibility, or simply destress, regardless of their gender.

J.K. Pilates

J.K. Pilates - How They Got Started

J.K. Pilates was Co-Founded by Jim Roberts and Kyle Murray with the intention of changing how the Pilates space was viewed by men.

After speaking with Kyle, we learned that Pilates is a form of exercise that runs deep in his family and that his mom and sister own a Pilates studio just up the street.

He told us that his mom and sister had been telling him for ages that he'd make a great pilates teacher, but he just wasn't interested in it at the time. As the years went by though, he came to realize that they might be on to something.

Before Kyle knew it he and Jim were headed off to Toronto together in order to get their certifications as Pilates teachers, and not too long after, J.K. Pilates was born.

J.K. Pilates

Their Credentials

As we mentioned, both Jim and Kyle are certified Pilates teachers. What is Pilates and how can it help you?

Pilates can help both men and women of all ages and physical capabilities to gain greater strength, flexibility, endurance, and posture, without bulking up or putting excess stress on the joints.

Most people's bodies are used to the same movements with little introduction to new movements. Pilates facilitates low impact movements in a safe and supported apparatus such as the reformer machine.

It's a really great addition and or complement if you will to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training, or rehabilitation.

One of the biggest misconceptions around Pilates is that it's a form of yoga. Although they may look similar to many people, Pilates is a system that was developed by the physicist Joseph Pilates.

His system saught to infuse his belief that both mental and physical health are interrelated and that we need to work on both together in order to achieve optimal physical health.

Coming into the interview our idea of Pilates was this kind of dance workout cardio vibe from the 80's, but very quickly we came to realize that when it comes to pilates, resistance is everything.

Kyle, along with two incredibly kind volunteers, showed us just how much we didn't know about Pilates and we're so happy that they did! Pilates is a form of exercise that is incredibly versatile.

It can be restorative and healing, or it can help to push even the most in-shape athletes to their furthest limits.

What Makes Them Different?

Energy. As soon as you walk into the J.K. Pilates studio you feel as if you've entered into a spa. Although you're getting a workout and a half, the energy of the space and of the coaches helps you to go deeper than you normally would in a traditional gym setting.

As we snapped picture after picture we noticed how both of the students went further into themselves on a mental, emotional, and almost spiritual level. Becoming totally present and aware of themselves and their bodies.

J.K. Pilates

Unlike many larger gyms that can be crowded and at times hard to navigate through without any one on one guidance, J.K. Pilates offers classes with a maximum of 5 students at a time.

This means that you get guaranteed time to not only interact with but also be guided by your coach.

Kyle also told us that unlike many traditional gym classes where you're shown an exercise and told to do it even if you're physically unable to do it properly, each person's level of physical fitness as well as any injuries they have will determine how they'll be coached.

So essentially each person is getting a semi-private personal training that ensures that they grow, develop, and heal in the way that's best for their body and their specific needs.

What Else Should You Know?

Pilates focuses on learning and doing each movement and or exercise properly and safely to ensure that you get the most out of your workout. It's more about quality over quantity.

Pilates is also a really great form of exercise for athletes looking to improve their performance. It may be able to help you to:

  • Jump higher

  • Hit the ball farther

  • Prevent injuries

  • Run faster

  • Correct muscle imbalances

  • and more

Kyle also told us that Pilates is a really great form of exercise to use as a complement to golfing.

More and more of his customers that golf have told him that they notice a huge difference in their ability to play as well as a significant decrease to zero recovery time after playing when they do pilates on a regular basis.

That's why very soon they'll be launching classes catered specifically to golfers. We'll be sure to tell you all about it once it's been launched.

Kyle Murray at J.K. Pilates

How to get in contact with them

If all of this sounds as good to you as it does to us, then don't forget to reach out to them to receive a free trial class.

You can contact them through Instagram at @pilatesfusion4men or you can also send a text to Jim at 514-770-3799 or Kyle at 438-889-5953.

You can also send them an email at or you can head over their joint website with pilates fusion at to find out more about them.

We're so excited to see what's in store for this one of a kind Pilates studio and we can't wait to share even more info about them with you in the near future.

If you have any questions about any of the information in this article please feel free to contact us at

To stay up to date with all that we’re up to follow us on Instagram @myhealthmontreal.

Until next time,

Stay Healthy

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