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Spiritual Growth Groups in Montreal | Level Up

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Written by Laura Lee Peters


Spiritual growth groups in Montreal have long existed, but until today there are still so many people that have no idea what they are.

We here at My Health Montreal believe that the word spirituality encompasses so much more than the very few archetypes that have long been presented to us by the media.

Spirituality, in its simplest form, is a deep sense of connection to yourself, to others, and to all that is around you. Spirituality isn't defined by race, religion, gender, or otherwise, and in fact, many people that are religious are spiritually connected without even knowing it.

Spirituality has long been deemed as woo woo, taboo, or just plain weird in mainstream media for years, but as the world continues to change, more and more people are starting to connect with the idea of spirituality.

Spiritual Growth Groups in Montreal - Level Up


In order to give you a better understanding of how a Level Up class works, we thought we'd switch things up and have our founder, Laura, tell you about her personal experience.

"When I entered the classroom I could already feel that something truly special was about to happen because the energy of the people was so incredibly loving and kind. Although I knew that it was a class for spiritual growth, I didn't know what that would mean to the group of people that were there.

After taking some pictures, I chose one out of the many crystals that were scattered throughout the studio and placed it into the center of the circle with the rest of the groups. Freshly made Hibiscus Ginger tea was poured and tasty treats were offered out.

The experience started with meditation and tuning in, which I was kind of expecting. What I wasn't expecting though, was literally the rest of the class. Our guide, Kyle, asked the group to share something that we were dealing with and or struggling with. Although we didn't have to share if we didn't feel comfortable doing so, the brave souls that were there all dove right in.

Personally, my mind automatically went to the goals I was trying to achieve, but the rest of the group went first and within just a few seconds I quickly realized that this was going to be so much deeper than I'd expected.

One by one we each shared something that we were going through with the group. After someone shared, the group then sent and showed the person love, support, and protection as well as offered up any divine guidance that they received for them.

I don't want to come off sounding dramatic, but this was literally one of the most beautiful experiences that I've ever had.

It felt like a support group for regular people who have simply tapped into their spiritual and or higher selves.

We laughed, a few of us cried, and we each saw, heard, felt, and experienced a spiritual connection with ourselves and each other.

If you're looking to grow, strengthen, and further trust your intuition, Level Up is the class and community for you."

The founder of Level Up


The coach, teacher, and guide of Level Up is none other than Kyle Murray. After speaking with him, we learned that he became aware of his spiritual gifts from a very young age.

It was only until he became older though, that he was able to fully tap into his gifts.

Because Kyle had to go through much of his spiritual journey on his own, he knows just how challenging it can be trying to figure it all out without having someone there to guide you. Level Up is the community that Kyle wished he had while discovering his spiritual gifts.

All things, including us, are simply energy. Kyle, like many other spiritually gifted people, has simply learned how to work with energy and or tap into the energy of others in order to help them self-heal.

He's also able to connect to and receive divine guidance (which we here at My Health Montreal feel everyone has the ability to do with enough practice). This essentially means that he asks for guidance from a higher power and he then receives answers back from it/them.

As a facilitator, Kyle is kind, compassionate, wise, and completely tunned in. He provides a safe judgment-free space for those looking to explore and refine their spiritual gifts and sense of spirituality in.


One of the signs of a truly great leader lies in their ability to show others how to become leaders too. Kyle embodies this to a T.

Every person that attends a Level Up class isn't just a student, they're also a guide. Everyone helps each other to gain more clarity about whatever it is that they're going through which creates a feeling of deep support, connection, and empowerment.

If we had to choose a name for this class and or experience, we couldn't find a better way of describing it than Level Up. You leave feeling elevated in more ways than one. If you're looking to gain a deeper sense of connection with yourself, with others, and with the divine (whatever that may mean to you), then the Level Up community is here for you.

Find out more


Level Up classes work in 12 week-long sessions, but if you'd like to simply drop in for one class at a time, that works too!

Before joining the Level Up community it's important that you connect with Kyle.

By doing a one on one consultation with him first, you'll be able to have a much better idea of whether or not the Level Up community is the right fit for you.

If all of this sounds as good to you as it does to us, then feel free to reach out to Kyle directly by phone or email.

Phone: 438-889-5953


You can also stay up to date with the Level Up community by following @lvlupmtl.

We're so excited to see what's in store for this amazing Spiritual Growth Group and we can't wait to share more info about them with you in the near future!

In case you didn't already know, Kyle is also the co-owner of an amazing Pilates studio for men called J.K. Pilates. To learn all about it simply click here. He's also a certified massage therapist as well as an energy healer which we'll be learning more about in the next coming weeks.

Last, but certainly not least, Kyle is a one of a kind music composer. Creating by connecting, he composes pieces of music that are unique to each person he works with. This leaves you with a one of a kind song that you can listen to anytime you need to connect back to yourself. Talk about incredible.

If you have any questions about any of the information in this article please feel free to contact us at

To stay up to date with all that we're up to follow us on Instagram @myhealthmontreal

Until next time,

Stay Healthy!

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