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WELLTHY TRIBE™️ | Becky ZT & Josh Goldman

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

By Laura Lee Peters

Josh Goldman and Becky ZT

Wellthy Tribe by Becky ZT and Josh Goldman is the place to be if you're looking to take your health and happiness to the next level.

Made up of a community of like-minded wellness entrepreneurs that are interested in helping others to become rich in wellness, there's no telling how far they'll go!

Wellthy Tribe - How they got started

Six short years ago Josh and Becky dreamt of creating a community of wellness experts that could truly help to improve the health and wellbeing of others. Only two years ago did they realize that their dream could come true.

While working in one of Montreal's most well know health food stores (Les Marchés TAU), Becky soon came to realize that many of the brands that were deemed so-called healthy, we're anything but. Filled with unnecessary fillers, additives, sugars, flavoring, and more, she knew in her heart that there had to be another way.

The better way was a company called Purium, and it just so happened that it was the answer to many of the issues that Becky and Josh were trying to solve. Thus began their journey of creating the Wellthy Tribe.

Josh Goldman

Wellthy Tribe Credentials

Beyond the extensive product training that they've taken with Purium, Becky and Josh each have a total of 18 different certificates connected to the health and wellness industry.

They're both certified personal trainers, and some might say walking encyclopedias for all things health and nutrition.

Outside the world of Wellthy Tribe, they both work in what's debatably one of the most fun boxing gyms in Montreal known as 360 Punch. To learn all about 360 Punch just click here.

Becky ZT

Their Mission

One of Becky and Josh's goals is to show that being healthy doesn't have to be complicated and that it can be tasty too!

During our interview, we had the opportunity to try out Purium's power shake and all we can say is DELICIOUS!

Most organic greens powders (although this one contains so much more than just greens) have a tendency to taste somewhat, well, green. Often deemed earthy with a somewhat grainy texture, most newcomers are quickly turned off of greens and or vegetable powders.

Purium's greens and their power shake, however, make taking a daily dose (or maybe two or three) simpler and tastier than ever before.

Another product that they spoke to us about was Biome Medic. This product is incredibly unique because it has the ability to:

  • Detoxify glyphosate

  • Improve digestion

  • Boost mood & immunity

  • Reduce C.R.P.

Besides Purium's greens, their power shake, and Biome Medic, they've also got a long list of products such as protein, which comes in an insanely convenient pill format, to probiotics, to detox plans, and so much more.

Becky ZT

What Makes Them Different

So how is Purium different from other natural supplement brands? Well for starters, their products contain no harmful additives or fillers, artificial flavoring or coloring, and they're 100% organic to boot!

Everyone that works with Purium undergoes extensive product training to be able to best guide those looking to live a healthier life. The main difference you'll get from working with Becky and Josh's Wellthy Tribe, however, is the years of health and wellness experience they've accumulated outside of the Purium community.

Josh Goldman

What Else Should You Know?

If you're a health professional looking to join a community that isn't competitive, but instead supportive, Wellthy Tribe just may be the perfect fit for you.

They're always looking for more wellness enthusiasts to join their community and would be so happy to hear from you.

If you're not a wellness professional though, and you're simply looking to live your healthiest happiest life, then Becky and Josh, along with many others in the Purium community are ready and waiting to support you through your journey to wellness.

Get In Contact With Them

So what do you say? Are you ready to get Wellthy? We know we are!

To learn more about their evergrowing community of wellness experts simply check out the story pannel on their profile @wellthytribe on Instagram. On their profile, you'll also get an insiders look at Purium products and the many people that love and use them on the daily.

To talk to Becky and Josh directly you can send an email to or you can reach Becky at 514-704-0222.

If you have any questions about any of the information in this article please feel free to contact us at

To stay up to date with all that we’re up to follow us on Instagram @myhealthmontreal.

Until next time,

Stay Healthy

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